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Guitar chords

Postby Singer94 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:51 am

Can anyone give me the guitar chord for the bay of storms- the wee toon tellers?

Thanks x :D
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Re: Guitar chords

Postby Ship called Dignity » Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:21 pm

Hi Singer94

It is lovely song. Don't know much about the chords but lyrics are below

Both Eddie Maguire and Davie Robertson who wrote this song still live in Campbeltown so you could go just directly to them. If you want contact details PM me. Cheers

Low on the Lossit The wind it was high,
The bay of storms tormented
Cnoc Moy shrouded in blackened sky,
The westerly wind lamented.

CHORUS: The white skervore broke like my heart,
Why oh why must we part,
Chinn'tire mo'cree you're all that is free
Aonan nan Galleann breagh

Jura and Islay, the dark Mull of Oa
The Rathlin light was flashing
I stood on the Galdrings the black rocks below
Atlantic waves were crashing

From Skerry Fell Fad I heard the reef roar
At battle with tempest and tide
The hours I wandered around your wild shore
I'll remember forever with pride

On nights at the Ennins I'd gaze to the west
As the golden sun was fading
The times that you held me were always the best
By dusk my thoughts were laden

I'll never forget that moment we met
Where Craigaig rolls down to the sea
Its with me forever I have no regrets
Aonan nan Gailleann breagh
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