Kintyre Vernacular by Maurice Duncan 2008

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Kintyre Vernacular by Maurice Duncan 2008

Postby Ruairidh » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:20 pm


Dedicated to the local dialect and its preservation

Oor local lingo’s quite the thing, we hear it doon the street,
We a’ can unnerstan’ it an’ we use it when we meet,
In shops an’ pubs an’ doon the quay we use it every deh,
An folk fae other places sometimes wunner whoot we seh.

It’s wile te think that some folk try te loase their local twang,
Huv they nae pride at a’ in bein’ fae the local gang?
If everybody spoke the sem the world wid be a trachle,
Wi’ naethin much te mark us oot fae any other bachle.

The lingo’s jeest the thing te get ye noticed other places,
As lang’s ye don’t try pittin’t on wi a’ thir airs an’ graces,
When others hear the weye ye speak they’ll know ye’re fae Kintyre,
An folk ye meet’ll seh they think it’s “Land o’ He’rt’s Desire”.

Droll an’ hoora, breeks an’ beeldins, synd an’ sapples tae,
Hoot an ga’n an doags an press, “te the boose” an’ “up the brae”,
These are words that find ye oot nae metter where ye trevel,
Ye shoona think they’ll stop ye meetin’ others on the level.

A fella cried McCartney wrote a sang a wee while back,
It topped the charts for weeks an’ gied the toon a bit o’ crack,
It’s no’ a local sang an’ it’ll never mak the grade,
It doesna use the lingo an’ through time’ll surely fade.

So take a pride an’ use the words that time has handed doon,
Ye’ll often find it’s naw a burden but can be a boon,
It’s naw a slang, it’s naw uncouth, it’s naw a source o’ shame,
So use it or we’ll lose it, an’ we’ll hae wirsels te blame.

M Duncan 2008
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