The Putechan Hotel / The Hunting Lodge Hotel

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The Putechan Hotel / The Hunting Lodge Hotel

Postby ktm » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:56 pm

Hi there,

Looking to get more information about The Putechan Hotel / The Hunting Lodge Hotel.

I used to come down for the New Year with my family every year when it was The Hunting Lodge Hotel and loved the area. When we visisted often it was owned by Stuby and then Clive took over. Came back a few years later to find it was shut down but then it got bought over again- it looked to be revamped and modernised. However, this didn't seem to last long and I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the place?

Going past the place recently to have a look and I could see it still has a lot of furniture and sign are still up - look like some left in a hurry? Is it abandoned?

As we had many memories back in the day I would love to know what happened?

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Too Shy To Talk Much
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