Ships built in Campbeltown

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Ships built in Campbeltown

Postby JOEMAC » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:19 am

I am trying to obtain information on two small ships built by the CAMPBELTOWN SHIPBUILDING Co.
MARIE built 1878 [yard number 2] for IRVIN & Co,Glasgow
MARIE built 1880 [yard number 6] for IRVIN & Co,Glasgow.
I have been unable to obtain any information on these two vessels so if anyone can assist me I would really appreciate it.
Perhaps there is some information in the local papers as to what type of vessels they were and why the same owner had two ships built at Campbeltown with the same name only two years apart.Did the first one sink or was it sold ?

Any help would be really appreciated.
Joe McMillan,
South Australia.
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