Hello Kintyre

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Hello Kintyre

Postby Lisaj » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:13 pm

Hello, my name is Lisa. I live in Hertfordshire and have visited Kintyre Twice.
My Parents have been holidaying for over 20 yrs or more. Staying in holiday cottages houses and the
castle. They love the area which they called their second home.
Their names are Eunice & Richard Morley, does anyone remember them?
Sadly my mum passed away last week.
while sorting out some of her papers we came across this poem, does anyone know where it came from?

When I am tired and weary
and sometimes feel forlorn
I love to think of Torrisdale
The place where I was born

/that little spot so tranquil
so lovely and so fair
Where all around there's beauty
and peace beyond compare

And often when I'm walking
o'er Broadways thoroughfare
I try to picture Torrisdale
and wish that I was there

For what is new yorks glamour
or Broadway's dazzling glare
to me with lovely Torrisdale
they never can compare

And when this war is over
As I hope it soon will be
i'll buy a round trip ticket
and i'll up and go to see

Aboard the finest steamer
That has ever sailed the foam
and the finest will be none to good
For i'll be going home

Home to Bonnie Scotland
Home to kith and kin
Far away from new York
With its mighty road and din

Then when I get to Torrisdale
Lying close beside the sea
So lovely so enchanting
And always home to me

I will gaze upon the hillside
Mid a silence most profound
Then upon the winding roadway
And upon Kilbrannan sound

There are a further 4 verses
I think written by a soldier from the first world war? who lived in Torrisdale

I hope someone knows the author and maybe where they lived.

Thank you Lisa Eke
Too Shy To Talk Much
Too Shy To Talk Much
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Re: Hello Kintyre

Postby Abigail » Thu May 26, 2022 7:22 am

I never has seen such intro post. Hi buddy!! I am sure will have good time around. It seems like we will have so much to talk.
new jersey tour was a very exciting 2 day bus tour.
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