Dunlop Duncan descendants

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Dunlop Duncan descendants

Postby SL_Duncan » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:25 pm

Hello all,
This is my first post on this forum.
I believe I am an Australian descendant of Robert Duncan and Janet Dunlop (who married on 24 October 1793 in Campbeltown) through their youngest child Dunlop Duncan (b. 1796 or 1807-9, d.1882) of seven children.
Dunlop married Jean Ferguson in Glasgow on the 26 June 1825. They had two sons Robert Ferguson (1826/7) and John Ferguson (1826). Dunlop married Elizabeth Grant on 21 December 1830 and according to numerous cencus records lived in Back St, Campbeltown, all their married life.
I believe John Ferguson, plus two of Dunlop & Elizabeth's seven children (James Grant and Lewis Grant), emigrated to Australia.
I am a descendant of a John Ferguson Duncan, but there are differences between Australian and Scottish records (ie. year of birth (1834 against 1828 ) & father's occupation (brewer against painter)), so my uncertainty as to whether I am a descendant of Robert & Janet Duncan.

My published research is at, a blog which I have only recently started.

I (and other researchers of Dunlop Duncan's descendants) have found no further information on Robert & Janet Duncan and I cannot find any info on Jean Ferguson. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dunlop Duncan descendants

Postby EMDEE » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:06 am

I believe that this Robert Duncan was my 3xGreat Grandfather, and I would also be interested in any information that you may find here. Looking at your link my line is descended from his son Robert who you note was born in 1795.
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Re: Dunlop Duncan descendants

Postby SL_Duncan » Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:43 pm

Information I already know about Robert Duncan, Master Ship builder, who married Janet Dunlop on 24 October 1793 at Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.

Robert and Janet had eight children, the first six being born in Campbeltown, Argyll:
• Isabella, born 24 July and baptised on 28 July 1794 ;
• Robert, born 20 December 1795;
• James, born 8 November and baptised on 8 November 1797;
• Charles, born 18 January and baptised on 22 Jan 1800 (d 1876 at Renfrew Ferry);
• Isabella, born 1 December and baptised on 4 December 1802;
• Jean, 12 September and baptised on 17 September 1804 (Father was a shipbuilder, living in Campbeltown); and
• Dunlop, born 1807/09 in Irvine, Ayrshire (d 1892 at Campbeltown), and
• Janet

All the above birth / baptism information, other than Dunlop’s, is taken from OPRs, whilst Dunlop’s is based on census information and death registration. It is believed Robert & Janet were born between 1765 and 1776, based on their first child being born in 1794.

Isabella, born in 1794, is thought to have died prior to 1802, when in December another daughter, also named Isabella, was born.

Both Robert (Snr) and Janet died before 1876 as Charles' Death Register entry of 1876, records them as both being deceased.
No information is known of Janet Dunlop.
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Re: Dunlop Duncan descendants

Postby Sharyn » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:18 pm

Very new to
This but may be able to
Duncan born 1742 lochwinnoch renfrewshire Scotland married barbara Orr born 1739
In lochwinnoch renfrewshire Scotland they had one child Robert duncan born 27 th April 1773 in lochwinnoch Robert
Married Janet Dunlop on 24 th October 1793 in Campbelltown Argyll Scotland Janet was born on the 23rd jan 1769 in Campbelltown Robert
And Janet had Dunlop Lewis duncan he was born around 1808 in Irvine ayreshire he married jean Ferguson on the 26 th june 1825 in Glasgow Lanark Scotland . Jean died in1829
Campbelltown they had two
Sons Robert Ferguson duncan born
1827 Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland. He died in1884 Renfrew Renfrewshire scotland. They had another son john Ferguson duncan born 6 th July 1828 in Campbelltown this son went to
Australia and died in Sydney 5 th jan 1873. The second marriage of dunlop duncan was to

Elizabeth grant she was born
In Tuam in gallway Scottish family 1799. Dunlop and elizabeth produced James grant duncan born in 1834
In Campbelltown he died in bright Victoria Australia this
My direct
Link I understand him
To be a hotelier and a builder he is
Known for building
The porepunka school
Hotel . porepunka is suburb of bright in
Victoria Australia great great grandfather I have done this on my phone. So hope it helps those searching Sharyn duncan
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