looking for Duncan Taylor/Taylour

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looking for Duncan Taylor/Taylour

Postby sunnyland » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:22 pm

Hi I have just joined and hoping the people here can help me. My Ancestor Duncan Taylor/Taylour b. abt 1766 some were in Kintyre. That's all I know.
Also need info on his wife Anna/Annabell or Annabella Campbell b. abt 1771 Skipness.
Their children are
Efrick Taylor b.1792 Skipness
Archibald Taylor b. 1795 Calfin Skipness Died 8 Aug 1857 Saltcoats, Ayrshire
John Taylor b. 1797 Skipness Died 11 Jan 1876 Saltcoats, Ayrshire
Donald/ Duncan Taylor b. 1799 Skipness
Catherine Taylor b. 1801 Skipness
Daniel Taylor b. abt.1802 Skipness and died 18 May 1870 Troon, Ayrshire - Wife Margaret Morris b. abt 1807 Dalry
Gilbert Taylor b. 1803 Skipness Died 9 Mar 1876 Tradeston, Glasgow - Wife Elizabeth/Eliza McKinnon b. abt 1805-1811
Mary Taylor b. 1806 Skipness
Robert Taylor b. 1809 Skipness
Annabela Taylor b. 1812 Skipness
Ann Taylor b. 1815 Skipness

Archibald Taylor b. 1795 Calfin Skipness Died 8 Aug 1857 Saltcoats, Ayrshire. Would like info on his wife Catherine Sinclair b. abt 1801 Carradale, Saddel. and died 8 Aug 1857 Saltcoats. All I have for her father's name John Sinclair.

Also the wife of John Taylor b. 1797. her name Christina McMillan b. 1801 Kilberry

Like to know when the parents died and married. And the children deaths and marriages.
Have got the children's baptisms. I have searched Family search, Free BMD, Ancestry, Scotlands people and find my past.
Can you help please. Thanks.
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Re: looking for Duncan Taylor/Taylour

Postby David Jackson » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:04 pm

Dear Sunnyland,

I just recently joined the forum.'

One of my ancestors is also a Taylor from Skipness. I will share with you my findings, including one visit to Skipness about 20 years ago!

No Duncan, but good luck anyway!


Marion/Mary Taylor, the wife of Neill McCook, came from an old Kintyre family called the Taylors. Their family name was derived from an ancient native Gaelic surname Macintaillyeor or Mcintailer, which occurs in a local name list of 1636, and is still well known in Kintyre.
As mentioned above, her personal name is variously given in the Skipness baptism register as Marrion, Mary, More, and Merrand Taylor, and even once as Christian Taylor. Judging from the names of her children, her parents may well have been named Malcolm Taylor and Janet (or even Katherine?), since these were the names given to the second known son and first two recorded daughters. There was in fact a couple in the Skipness parish in the 1780s with the names Malcolm Taylor and Kathren MacMillan. They were the parents of Donald Taylor, bapt. 8 July 1787. Marion/Mary Taylor probably was born ca. 1770–1780, and thus it is possible that Donald was her younger brother.
There were two or three other families in Skipness parish during the 1780s and 1790s headed by a man named Macolm Taylor. One was that of Malcolm Taylor and his wife Christian Mac Jlehere (?). They were parents of the following children:
Elspey (Glespy?), bapt. 14 Oct. 1786, Skipness.
Mary, bapt. 23 Sept. 1788, Skipness.
Kathren, bapt. 19 Sept. 1792, Skipness.
James, bapt. 12 Aug. 1796, Skipness.

The name Malcom Taylor may be otherwise significant in our genealogy, for as Mr. Ian MacDonald has informed me:

There is [in Skipness] a stone erected by Malcom Taylor farmer (tenant in Oragaig) aged 94 years in memory of his spouse Christian Thomson [ca. 1741–1781] who died 1781 aged 40 years and he is in the hope of resting in her grave in peace. This stone is erected before 1792 as it uses the old Scots "f" for the letter "s."

This Malcolm Taylor (b. late 1600s–d. late 1700s) is thus one of the earliest Taylors I have found reference to at Oragaig farm in Skipness parish, and he may have been an early ancestor. The others mentioned in gravestone inscriptions at Skipness are:

John Taylor (ca. 1721–1791), tenant in Oragaig, d. 9 Jan. 1791, age 70.

Mary Taylor (ca. 1720–1772), wife of Archibald Hill, Hammersm., d. 25 June 1772, age 52

John Taylor (ca. 1729?–1793?), late farmer in Monneback and Skipness Estate, d. 6? June 179(3?), in 64th year. Monument erected by son John Taylor?

Mary Taylor (b. 1730s?), wife of William Cook (ca. 1733–1765), tacksman at Clonaig

Catherine Taylor (ca. 1734–1832), d. 8 June 1832, age 88

Mary Taylor (ca. 1738–1762), daughter of Duncan Taylor and Margaret Hill at Colphin, d. 23 May 1762, age 24

John Taylor (ca. 1750–1823), late tenant Cloanig, d. 21 March 1823, age 73
Barbara McMillan, d. 20 Sept. 1823, age 65.

Christina Taylor (ca. 1760–1801), d. 28 Mar. 1801, age 41, wife of Peter McMillan

Angus Taylor (ca. 1777–1854), father of Capt. John Taylor, died Feb. 14, 1854, aged 77. (Four children:)
Gilbert (ca. 1824–1852), d. Jan. 16, 1852, age 28
Archibald (ca. 1830–1856), drowned at sea Feb. 1856, age 26.
Jean (dau.) (ca. 1831/2–1859), d. Greenock, Jan. 5 1859, age 37
Capt. John Taylor (ca. 1819–1882), d. 11 Aug. 1882, age 63
Barbara Cook (ca. 1820–1884), wife of Capt. John, d. 23 Dec. 1884, age 64. John and Barbara's children:
Angus Taylor, d. 5 June 1909, age 51
William Cook Taylor, d. Edinburgh, 1 Dec. 1911.

Archibald Taylor (ca. 1780–1843), late groundkeeper, Skipness Estate, father of John and Angus Taylor, d. 30 Jan. 1843, age 63

Donald Taylor (ca. 1799?–1817?), boatman in Skipness, d. 1817?, age 18?
Donald's widow, Christina McKinnon
Donald's father: Archibald Taylor, croftsman in Skipness

John Taylor (b. 1820s?), farmer, Laccan, husband of Mary Cook (1825–1869)
David Jackson
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