An invitation: The journal of Malcolm Currie of Cleongart.

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An invitation: The journal of Malcolm Currie of Cleongart.

Postby STG » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:52 am

Some of you might have seen the Down Memory Lane article in the 2nd April edition of the Campbeltown Courier. It explained how a journal belonging to Malcolm Currie of Cleongart is going to be brought back to Kintyre this spring - about 250 years after it was first written.

The finder, Dr Burton Schaber, will be visiting on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd May, and we are organising a small gathering for all those interested in seeing the journal. It will be held at:

Glenbarr Village Hall
2pm to 4pm
Saturday 22nd May

The Watering Can Coffee Shop in Glenbarr will, for a small charge, provide tea, coffee and home baking for those attending.

Any of Malcolm's descendants are welcome to join us, together with anyone with an interest in local history.

So that we can organise catering, can you let me know if you plan to be there? My email address is

Sadie Galbraith (formerly of Langholm, Southend)
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Re: An invitation: The journal of Malcolm Currie of Cleongart.

Postby STG » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:09 pm

Descendants of Malcolm Currie of Cleongart
In response to some questions following this post, I’ll summarise here what I know about Malcolm’s descendants. I should stress that my information is incomplete, and I’d welcome additions and corrections. Most of the early family events happened in the parish of Killean and Kilkenzie, though some descendants later moved to Campbeltown, Carradale, and further afield. Those members who should, I think, have descendants in Kintyre at present are shown in bold.

Malcolm Currie probably married Marion/Sarah Black about 1770, and the couple had at least six children, one of whom died in infancy, between 1771 and 1782, though I suspect there were more.

I know nothing about Margaret, born 1773, Dugald 1777, Flora 1778 and John 1782. However, I have traced many of the descendants of Malcolm and Marion’s oldest son, Neil Currie born 1771.

Neil Currie married Betsy McLean in 1799 and the couple had ten children. I’ll give brief details of each below.

Malcolm Currie (1799 – 1877) emigrated to Canada, as did Donald Currie (1815 – 1891). Edward Currie (1807 – 1890) may have emigrated to northern Canada, but there are still some uncertainties. Duncan Currie (1818 – 1885) emigrated to Iowa, though one son remained in Kintyre, giving rise the to the Curries in Ballure.

Of Hector Currie (1802 - ) and Mary Currie (1806 - ) there is no definite trace after their birth.

The remaining children stayed in Kintyre, and some descendants still live there.
Sarah Currie (1804 – 1878) married John Thomson (1790 – 1872) and they lived in Glenbarr where John Thomson was the miller and joiner. Descendants of this couple include my MacKinnon ancestors, and other Kintyre families including McDougalls, Parks, Taylors, McConnachies, and, of course, Thomsons.

Neil Currie (1810 – 1892) married Agnes Keith, and among their descendants was Neil McDougall, factor in Largie estate.

John Currie (1812 – 1874) married Flora Stewart and moved to Campbeltown where he worked as a gardener. Many of their eleven children moved elsewhere in Scotland, mostly Ayrshire and Glasgow, and one emigrated to New Zealand. Consequently, there are many gaps in my records of this line. However, one daughter, Margaret Currie (1861 – 1942) married John Ritchie, the pier master in Carradale, and there are many family members in this line.

Dugald Currie (1823 – 1891) married Mary McNiven and farmed in Craigrua. Despite the couple having 11 children, I’ve found virtually no descendants on this line.

I’d like to confirm that any descendants of these families would be most welcome to join us in Glenbarr on 22nd May 2010.
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