Thoughts for the ULTIMATE- and the 3 'MOKateers'

Details and discussion on the MOKBIKE 2015 to be held here in Kintyre on Saturday September 19th 2015 and Sunday September 20th 2015.

Thoughts for the ULTIMATE- and the 3 'MOKateers'

Postby russanros » Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:41 pm

First a few email out-takes between ourselves and the 3 participants that signed up for the ultimate route- we are still waiting to hear from the third.

I thought we had just better have a quick discussion about the ultimate route. I had expected this to be one of the most popular routes but in fact yourselves are the 3 riders who have signed up for this. The whole event is going in 'cyling weekly' this week, which although is a little late for this year I think it will help for the next event. We will have more time to specifically target cycling groups and organisations. Its certainly not a case of dropping the route, in fact I think this will be the one which 'grows' the event in future years.

thanks for letting me know of the low numbers for the Ultimate Route Ride. I'm disappointed but I fully appreciate the problems associated with marshalling such an event, In these circumstances I would agree to switching to the Challenge Ride. I wish to see the event get off to a good start, and I realise that your resources have to be used wisely. I would still like to tackle the Ultimate Ride next year if we can get this years event off and running.

I fully appreciate all the hard work that you are both doing and I intend to help you achieve your goal. Good luck. of the three "MOKateers"

H there, Thanks for your e-mail, I was about to contact you regarding the ultimate route anyway. Unfortunately due to the difference in the registration times between the ultimate and the family ride I am going to have to swap from the ultimate to the family. Otherwise.... [snip]... will be hanging around for a couple of hours in Campbeltown on the Sunday morning. I hope this is OK, but I’m not sure whether it helps you with your predicament or not!

I would be interested in the Ultimate another year, even more so if there was the option to combine the 33 and the 70, this would make it a real challenge and may encourage a few more folks along. I know a few folks up here in Lochgilphead have been a little concerned about the timing and I wonder if June would encourage a few more as well.

Hope to see you next week, we are all really looking forward to it.

Some good ideas there and I do think there is a good chance of success with the ultimate route (s) next year. Given the ref to the 'MOKateers' :wink: :lol: - I think this is a ploy we can use for next year recruitment too so the numbers will remain in the 101, 102, 103 series whichever route you do!
(we have arranged the numbers in 1xx Ultimate 2xx hard challenge, 3xx intermediate challenge 4xx family etc)
I am still waiting to hear from ...[snip]... but we will have a good crack at the 70 and 100 mile versions as suggested for next year. We will also broach month of year on the feedback form too, we would have had this the same weekend as Lochgilphead triathalon if we had gone with the original date so thats how it got right back into October, as it happens they got rain and we still might do! :roll:

Glad you are both happy to still attend, we will have to get some contacts for cycling clubs together and really push the event for next year.
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